Hawaii Cruises are some of the most popular for new and seasoned cruise travelers. Taking any of the major cruise lines Hawaii Cruises will allow you plenty of time for both exploration and discovery of these very tropical and beautiful Pacific islands. If you want to fly to Hawaii and cruise, then your only choice today would be any of the Norwegian Hawaii Cruises leaving from Honolulu and sailing from island to island and back to Honolulu. The other cruises will be from the mainland US or ports in Mexico or Vancouver to and from the Hawaiian Islands.

There is a maritime law that forbids the cruise lines from leaving any US ports and sailing directly to another US port, except Norwegian or NCL Hawaiian Cruises which have an exemption. The passengers that book early are usually the ones that save the most money and get to pick and choose the best cabins and suites on the ship. Now is a great time to consider visiting these beautiful islands and we are providing some of the latest, published voyages for your planning and review.

We are finding most of the cruise lines are offering discounts and special savings off of their brochure rates and these deep discounts usually do not last very long. The smart folks will book early and get the deals, specials and other booking incentives while also getting the best cabin and suite selections on the ships.

Many of your favorite cruise lines come and go to Hawaii, including Carnival Hawaii Cruises where you will get to enjoy the fun of your Carnival FunShip while onboard as well as your time onshore. Another very popular lines sailing to and from Hawaii is Celebrity Hawaii Cruises where you may find the perfect vacation platform for you and your family or friends to visit the Hawaiian Islands up close and personal.

A leader in the premium cruise market would be Royal Caribbean Hawaii Cruises and when they offer voyages to Hawaii and back, they seem to book up quickly. Royal Caribbean Cruises has both mega cruise ships and much smaller ships, depending on your itinerary. RCCL has a very loyal past passenger group that just seems to love the way they are treated on each and every Royal Caribbean Hawaiian Cruise or any cruise for that matter. They pay close attention to their customers needs and wants while also close attention to details while on and off the ship.

Stepping up a little you will find Holland America Hawaii Cruises where you will experience sophisticated luxury while on board with many mature and adult activites including dancing and live entertainment including evening shows in the theater. Most of the Holland America Hawaiian Cruises will leave from the mainland and sail to Hawaii and around the islands and then back to the mainland with a stop in Vancouver or Mexico, usually.

In the top end or luxury market you will find several of the finest lines coming and going to and from Hawaii in any given year. Most of these will be segments of longer voyages or parts of their world cruise, depending on itineraries. You may want to consider Regent Hawaii Cruises where you will enjoy top rated service and ameneties from one of the world's highest ranked luxury cruise lines. Another will include Silversea Hawaii Cruises where you will hate leaving your ship and the luxury amenities when you cruise is finished. Crystal Hawaii Cruises will provide a rare opportunity to enjoy one of the finest larger, luxury ships to be found anywhere in the world and Crystal may be the perfect vacation platform for your next Hawaiian Islands adventure.

There are many choices when you decide on Hawaii, you can either fly over and enjoy a few extra days in the tropics before or after your Norwegian Hawaiian Cruise from Honolulu. There other choices will include leaving and returning from the mainland and enjoying plenty of days at sea where you can relax and enjoy the many comforts and ameneties that your ship has to offer.

On the longer segment voyages, you will be coming or going to and from another destination with a stop or two in Hawaii. Any of the above voyages or sailings should fill a need or desire to visit these magnificant islands in style and luxury. Let your fun and memories begin today when you call us for the latest discounts, deals or specials being offered by your favorite cruise line. The adventure can start today when you fill in the quick quote to the right or call us for the latest prices. Try us and SEA!